"A Bridge Through Time," by Gloria Gay
They reached to each other…between two worlds.
CBS reporter, Jane Fielder, visits again a portrait she had seen the first time she had come to England, the birth country of her parents, when she was ten years younger. At that time, during an estate visit, she felt the hand of the young man in the portrait warm to the touch. As she touches his hand again, she is blasted back in time to 1803. Trapped in the past, she must choose between her life and her love, once she discovers the portal though which she can return.

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“The Road To Winterhill,” by Gloria Gay
He was forced into marriage…would her love breach his resentment?
In the silence of St. George's Chapel, the clergyman's voice rang unnaturally loud as Belinda squirmed in embarrassment, waiting for Berrington's response, which was late in coming. Belinda saw the smirks of the few wedding guests crowding around them and felt the sting of tears at the long pause. Her awful deed had come to roost in her heart. She wished he would say no. Finally, Lord Berrington's voice rang out--loud, impatient and clear: “I do."

“Kissed In The Dark,” by Gloria Gay
He was a famous rake. She wanted nothing to do with him…until he built a sturdy bridge to her heart.
Cecilia Sentennel has been chosen by the reputed rake, the Earl of Arandale to be his bride, but having gotten a bad impression of him, she rejects him. The rejection causes havoc in the haughty earl's life and he determines to win her love. But dangerous schemes are soon to affect Cecilia's life. Her father’s sinister heir, Alex Shackel, has developed a plan to force Cecilia to become his wife, to get his hands on her inheritance. Cecilia turns to Arandale as Shackel becomes a threat.

Romance and Suspense

“Forever Young,” by Gloria Gay
One enchanted morning she fell into his heart.
Kate wakes up from a nap on a transatlantic flight to realize she is hurling alone through space. She is then plunged into the dangerous past of 1818 England. Alone in a strange world that shimmers with danger, she is aided by Michael Sorville, Earl of Lanquest, after their initial contentious meeting. Lanquest helps her adjust to the present she must live in while he works with her to get her back to her time. But as the days go by, Lanquest falls in love with Kate and is less and less eager to see her go.

“Love In A Dangerous Season,” by Gloria Gay
First she enraged him…Then she stole his heart.
For her insulting behavior toward the Earl of Ashcom, on whom her family depends for subsistence, beautiful Fantine Delmere earns for herself an unwanted London season and is forced to leave her beloved Evergreen and venture into the hard glare of the heartless haut ton she abhors. But Fantine's arrival awakens jealousies and dangerous forces are put into motion...

“Midnight Proposal,” by Gloria Gay
In her world of pain, her beauty was her only card.
Veronica Glendalion has one chance in a thousand that the Earl of Westal will agree to her proposal. But as her aunt assures her, that chance is better than the terrible fate that awaits her. The evil Earl of Callincant has vowed she will be his bride, and as he controls Veronica’s father, time is running out for her. Once the earl takes her to his country estate, she will be his prisoner, unless by a miracle the Earl of Westal, whom she knew as a child, will agree to her proposal…at the masquerade ball.

"Searching for Lydia," by Gloria Gay

Their love rose…above distance and time. 

Waiting at the London posting station for a friend, young Simon Westrick, Earl of Brandell, was annoyed by a strident female voice that cut through his thoughts. The awful woman appeared flustered that her brother was missing and was verbally abusing a lovely young girl she addressed as Lydia, who was dressed in worn clothes and stood before her. Simon moved closer as the woman pushed the girl onto a bench with a warning and went in search of her brother.
The girl’s silent plea reached him as few things had ever touched him before in his young life.

“Fate Is A Stranger,” by Gloria Gay
She was society’s outcast…He was a powerful duke.
Beautiful Violet Durbin, the illegitimate but publicly acknowledged daughter of Viscount Kelly, lives as a social outcast until Lord Jared Falweir, nephew and heir to the Duke of Hawkinston, falls in love with her. During his attempts to keep his nephew away from Violet, the haughty Duke of Hawkinston falls for her himself. He intends to make her his mistress, but Violet has sworn she will never stain her father’s name. A battle of wills then ensues.

Gloria Gay

"Scandal at Almacks," by Gloria Gay
She was born the night of the waltz…why would he think she had set him a trap?

Jenny Longtree finally understood why, for years after it was introduced, the waltz was considered immoral in England and forbidden in most ballrooms: It was dangerous.
The moment Lord Corville placed his left hand on the small of her back she felt something ignite in her body. They two might just as well have been dancing naked, for that was how Jenny felt in his arms. 

“Enchanted Summer,” by Gloria Gay
They reached to each other…across a chasm.
When Celia Meade’s uncle impulsively offers Celia and her family a chance to a better life by inviting them to live at his estate near Bath, he is surprised by his daughter Caroline’s animosity against the Meades. Caroline’s hatred of Celia began when Celia attended her aunt’s funeral and Caroline noted the immediate attraction between Celia and Caroline’s choice for a husband, Lord Robert Merrick. Caroline’s dangerous hatred of Celia and her family grows as love blossoms between Celia and Lord Robert.

"Lovely Little Liar," by Gloria Gay

​​Veils of secrecy surrounded her…Was his love strong enough to cut through the lies.
Her dear Aunt Mattie had warned her: falsehood upon falsehood would follow if she fibbed about her identity,
But what else was Abigail Westcoate to do? Abandoned at the altar and now destitute, her only chance is a new name. And her first concern must be to save her dear Aunt Mattie who depends entirely on Abby.
By a staggering coincidence, Abby has obtained a position as a governess…with the sister of the very man responsible for her plight, the Marquess of Ravensgaerd!